Free WiFi Makes People More Happy Than Chocolate!

Free Wi-Fi makes people more happy than chocolate, beverages or magazines! In a survey The National Research survey conducted by Bredin Research and sponsored by Comcast discovered that offering free Wi-Fi works better at keeping customers happy than common “waiting area” conveniences such as sweets, water or magazines. Businesses that offer free Wi-Fi attract more customers and make them more loyal to come to their shop instead of others.

The key survey findings are:

Free WiFi is better than free sweets at making customers feel welcome.

Offering free WiFi to customers helps draw in new business. Nearly eight in 10 businesses offering Wi-Fi (79%) say it helps keep customers happy while they wait. 65% report it has encouraged repeat business and more than say it has brought in new customers.

Businesses with Free WiFi also seem to boost productivity. Separate from offering Wi-Fi to patrons, respondents’ employees use Wi-Fi for business purposes such as accessing corporate resources (49%), tracking inventory (36%) and holding conferences with business partners and customers (35%). 93% of these businesses believe that Wi-Fi enhances productivity. Companies with growing revenue were more likely than non-growing companies to use Wi-Fi as a customer amenity.

The Small Business Wi-Fi Survey was conducted online among a sample of 602 participants in the United States and was conducted between Dec. 18 and Dec. 31, 2013.

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