Tumblr Down By 7 Million People!

Just over a year ago Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion, but now this purchase is not looking good. According to the ComScore reports in the Wall Street Journal, traffic on Tumblr has decreased from its peak of 49 million visitors in December to 42 million visitors in March.

If these numbers are accurate then this would mean a loss of 7 million visitors equating to a 15% drop. There is no obvious reason for this because Yahoo has not done much to change Tumblr, staying true to their promise to not ruin Tumblr.

Yahoo has tried to monetize Tumblr but has been failing to get advertizers. This decrease in traffic will not help them.

Marissa Mayer has been Yahoo’s CEO for nearly two years and has helped yahoo get through many ups and downs during her career. It appears that she has yet another down to deal with.

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