Cooler Master Octane Gaming Keyboard Overview

Hi everyone, Our good friend, Chris over at Cooler Master gave us a quick look at the new Octane gaming keyboard during our visit to Insomnia I54. The Cooler Master Octane is an all-new, affordable yet good quality gaming keyboard.

The Octane features a mean gaming aesthetic whilst retaining excellent performance. The membrane keys are designed to emulate the feel of a Cherry MX Brown mechanical switch but at a much more affordable price point. Finally, the Cooler Master Octane features an appealing, customisable LED backlight with a choice of 7 different colours but anyway, I’ll let Chris do the rest of the explaining in the video down below!

I hope you enjoyed the video so be sure to check back for the rest of our coverage of I54. If you’d like us to do a full review on this or simialar products then let is know by leaving a comment down below, subscribing to our Youtuube channel here or giving us a thumbs up to show your appreciation!

Cooler Master Octane
Cooler Master Octane



We have now managed to get our hands on this keyboard and will be posting an unboxing video as well as a full review very shortly. Check back daily if you are interested in the verdict.


Unboxing and First Look HERE

Full Review coming soon


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