Awesome modded Headset by Team Banana

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I’m back with some more content from Insomnia I54 but this time we’ve got something a little different. Boonana J from Team Banana has modded a £50 standard Cooler Master headset and completely transformed it into a beautiful piece of audio gear. Moreover, the headset now supposedly worth around £2000!

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As Boonana J explains in the video below, the modded headset started off as a CM Storm Pulse R gaming headset which he completely transformed by firstly splicing a carbon fibre composite to the original stainless steal headband in order to apply the optimal amount of force against the users head for ultimate comfort. In addition, the modded headset now has custom machined aluminium side plates, anodized aluminium phase washers, titanium bolts, original 42mm drivers tuned to an audiophile level and oxygen-free beryllium cable to just to put a cherry on the top but wait, there’s more…

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…The wiring has also been cryogenically treated just to add to the high quality, audiophile theme that Boonana J was going for. A full, customiseable LED lighting system which reacts to the movements of the user and the type of music all by magic! (well, software magic at least)

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Now, I don’t know about you but this modded headset is absolutely BUZZTASTIC! however, Boonana J himself does a much better job of explaining his creation so be sure to check out the video below. 🙂

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