Moto 360 Will Retail For $249

Best Buy’s listing for the Moto 360 has finally given us some concrete knowledge on the smart-watches specs and pricing. We all predicted that the Moto 360 would be a bit more pricier than the android wear watches on the market but this still price certainly still caused a shock.

The Moto 360 listing also told us some specs that the smartphone will ship with. These specs include 512mb RAM, built-in optical heart-rate monitor, pedometer, a Texas Instruments processor, water proofing of some sort and a 1.5-inch 320×290 screen with Gorilla Glass 3, and support Bluetooth 4.0. Motorola’s dedicated page for this device can be found here.

These specs certainly look exciting but is the Moto 360 worth $249 (or £399 here in the UK) ?

If you want to see for yourself, you can pick one up from Amazon here:

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