Apple Releases IOS 8 Beta 4 For Developers

Just now, Apple released the 4th version of the Apple iOS 8 Beta for download by developers and we shall be giving the full rundown of the update!

Firstly, the ‘Bug’ app has been removed from ios 8 beta meaning one of two things. Either Apple is a lot more confident in the stability of the build or that they would prefer for everything to be reported to them through their website.

Secondly, the control centre in the ios 8 beta (the menu accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen) has changed slightly in terms of it’s looks. It is now slightly more opaque as opposed to transparent and the text is black in a slightly bolder font however, this is pretty much the only visual change to the operating system.

Thirdly, the icon for the setting tab ‘Display and Brightness’ has changed to a simpler, more flat design to fit in with all the other icons. Also, the options for ‘Text Size’ and ‘Bold Text’ have been moved to the ‘Display and Brightness’ tab making much more accessible.

Fourthly, a new pre-installed application called ‘Tips’ has been added to the operating system. This contains a well-illustrated basic guide to the functions of the operating system to help a new user find their way around more easily. At present, the app is non-deletable which is a pain as you are most likely only going to need this application once and from there onwards, it is simply a waste of space.

Finally, more advanced settings have been added for the phone’s various messaging types such as voice messages and text messages. From this section, you can adjust settings such as the time the reciever has to view the message. Also the emojii icon on the keyboard has changed from a smiley to really smiley face 🙂

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