Apple IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus Announced Officially

Finally, the tension has dropped!. Apple, just a few hours ago announced the IPhone 6 and the IPhone 6 Plus along with a whole host of other products including the Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

So, the rumour was true and we have finally found that there are two IPhone models coming. Both will have the exact same specs with the only difference being the screen size and resolution. The IPhone 6 shall launch with a 4.7inch, 1334×750 display and the Iphone 6 Plus with a 5.5inch 1920×1080 display and I have to say, this is a fantastic move by Apple.

Apple, in their conference earlier stated that they had already revolutionized the photo side of the camera and now they have done the same on the video side. The camera will be able to capture 240fps slow-motion video aswell as image stabilisation, faster and more accurate auto-focus and a new, faster and sharper f/2.2 lens.

The Iphone 6 will also ship with some pretty aggressive new specs as well as IOS 8, obviously!. The GPU claims to be 84x faster than the original IPhone and the CPU by 50x thanks to the all new A8 chip with 2 billion transistors.

The Iphone 6 features an all-new design which is much more similar to the IPod Touch than any other IPhone. The IPone 6 is also the thinnest IPhone yet with a thickness of 6.9mm on the 6 and 7.1mm on the Plus.

Finally, The Iphone 6 shall have 4G LTE, 3x faster wifi speeds, Touch ID technology and IOS 8.

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Iphone 6:
16GB – $199
64GB – $299
128GB – $399

IPhone 6 Plus:
16GB – $299
64GB – $399
128GB – $499

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