Amazon Fire TV Stick Unboxing and Setup

Hi everyone,
I have just unboxed the Amazon Fire TV Stick on the Buzzpods Youtube channel where I went over the basic specs and setup of the device. My initial impressions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick are very positive. The device is powerful enough to run the UI smoothly without any hiccups and the array of applications is extensive and intuitive. The unboxing experience of the Amazon Fire TV Stick was very pleasant with very simplistic styling and clear instructions for setting up the device.

One annoying thing about the Amazon Fire TV Stick that I noticed was the fact that you have to plug it into a power source. Whilst I understand that with the current technology it isn’t possible however, it would have been nice if the device was powered by the HDMI port itself as the included cable was quite short especially if your’e TV is wall mounted.

In general, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is an impressive concept which works well and fulfils it’s roll as a low profile, affordable device for adding intuitive smart functionality to any TV.

The Fire TV USB stick is a great alternative to a Raspberry Pi for those who don’t like to mess around with circuit boards and code.
Saying that, the Fire TV box, a slightly more expensive alternative to the Fire TV USB stick, can be easily hacked to run Kodi/XBMC.

The Amazon Fire TV USB dongle can be bought from Amazon…surprise, surprise !
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