Xaomi Notebook – Macbook Air Killer ?

In the world of PC based notebooks, manufacturers try to bring Apple Macbook design to the Windows fraternity. Over the years, companies like HP and Asus have launched Macbook Air style notebooks but now there is a new kid on the block. The Xaomi Notebook.

Chinese tech manufacturer Xaomi, famous for their tech loaded, cheap smartphones, have entered the notebook game with a Macbook Air style notebook.

Xaomi Notebook

Launch Date & Specs

Slated for sale from 2 August 2016, the new Xaomi notebook boasts some interesting specs.

The notebook will come in two flavours, a lighter (1.07Kg) 12.5″ energy optimised version and 13.3″ (1.28Kg) power version. Both models have the same sleek Macbook Air design.

Xaomi Notebooks

The 13.3″ version is of most interest as unlike the Macbook Air, it will boast some interesting specs for the more power hungry user.

The 13.3″ Xaomi Notebook will pack an Intel i5 processor, 256Gb SSD and an Nvidia GeForce 940Mx discrete graphics processor and a reported 9.5 hour battery life.

This will make it ideal for quick photo and video editing on the go as well as portable gaming, albeit at lower graphics levels than your home gaming PC.

The 12.5″ Xaomi Notebook will come with an Intel Core M3 processor, a 128 Gb SSD and integrated Intel graphics but targets an 11.5 hour battery life.

Both notebooks will be available in Apple style silver or gold finishes.

The most exciting aspect of these two new notebooks is their pricing. Expected pricing for the 12.5″ is $525 and the 13.3″ at $750 which for the design and specs is a bargain.

This is what Xaomi do best and how they have built their reputation, launching budget products with premium specs.

Although the notebooks are only currently scheduled for launch in China, we expect them to be available for purchase to consumers outside China via chinese websites such as Banggood and GearBest.

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