Internet Explorer Under Attack?

A precautionary warning telling us not to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was received a few days ago from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team and its British counterpart due to a severe security threat found in all versions of the internet browser from the last decade! This has severely affected Microsoft’s reputation for their internet browser losing possibly millions of users. The security problem allows hackers to install malware on anyone’s computer without their permission much like the Zero-Day Exploit that occurred a while ago as an unknown security loophole. The kind of malware that hackers can use these days can do all sorts of things including stealing personal information, tracking your computer and remotely gaining control of your computer!

FireEye, a major security firm which were the ones to release this information have informed the public that the flaw is being used with a known Flash-based exploit technique to attack financial and defense organizations in the US via Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11. FireEye are also recommending that you temporarily switch to a different browser and disable Internet Explore’s flash plugin until the flaw is fixed and you are notified that it is safe to use.

As usual, feel free to share your thoughts down below and Have you lost your trust in Microsoft’s browser?

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