Free DriveClub on PlayStation Plus

Free DriveClub ? Yes, that is right.

Sony have just announced the free game line-up for PlayStation Plus in October and it looks like it is the best ever for PS4 owners.

In addition to other free games, PS+ members will be able to download a FREE (but cut down version) of Driveclub which is due for full retail release in the UK on 10 October. The free DriveClub version is the widely rumoured and hotly anticipated Drive Club PS Plus edition.

The free DriveClub PS Plus edition is a full version of the game in terms of features and functionality but it will be limited to 10 cars and one country. This will give you access to approx 5 tracks (with 11 variations). Not a full game but not bad for free and a great way to test drive the game and see if it is worth spending your hard earned cash on the full version.

Unlike the US though, it appears that the free DriveClub will be available in UK and Europe on 10 October as opposed to 8 October in the US in order to keep it in line with the official UK release of the full version on 10 October.

If you do enjoy the free DriveClub and want full access to all the cars, countries and tracks, you will be able to upgrade to the full version for £34.99 through the online Playstation store.You can reduce this price by using discounted PSN vouchers from places such as bringing the price down to £30.99 or under £29 with a 5% off code if you ‘Like’ their Facebook page.

If you know you will like DriveClub and want to save some money over the retail version, you can pre-order the full game upgrade from the PS store for £34.99 (or £30.99 or less by using CD Keys). As a pre-order, you will get 3 additional bonus cars from the start, the Special McLaren 12C, Special Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series and Special RUF RT12 R.

PS3 owners are not forgotten though with a full version of Batman Arkham Asylum. If you haven’t played this game, it is excellent and highly recommended, particularly it is now free. An oldie but a goodie.

Finally, Spelunky is another cracking game that is free across PS3/PS4 and Vita. A definite download and try, you might be surprised.

Also, for both PS3 and PS4 owners, Sony added a 7 day free trial of the full Battlefield 4 game to the store yesterday, 30 September. Unlike Free DriveClub though, you only have 7 days to take advantage of the free play.

Here is the full line up of games announced today that will be available from next week, Wednesday 8 October:

Entering PS Plus in October:
8th October: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
8th / 10th October: DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition (PS4)
8th October: Dust: An Elysian Tail (PS4)
8th October: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (PS3)
8th October: Pix the Cat (PS Vita/PS4 Cross Buy)
8th October: Rainbow Moon (PS Vita/PS3 Cross Buy)
8th October: Spelunky (PS4/PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy)

Leaving PS Plus in October:
8th October: Velocity 2X
8th October: Sportsfriends
8th October: PlayStation Battle Royale
8th October: Hoard
8th October: TxK
8th October: Joe Danger VITA

More details are available here: Playstation Plus October Update

…and to get your gaming buds salivating, checkout this fresh DriveClub gameplay trailer:

For those that prefer a shiny, blue boxed full retail version of DriveClub that they can hold, stroke and lick, then it is available for pre-order at Amazon now:

The full version of the game offers:

  • All 55 tracks from all 5 locations: Scotland, Canada, Norway, Chile and India.
  • All 50 vehicles: 7 Hot Hatch, 15 Sports, 15 Performance, 8 Super and 5 Hyper.
  • All 50 events in the offline single player Tour career mode.

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