TT eSports Commander Gaming Keyboard & Mouse – Initial Impressions

Thermaltake have released a new, budget, keyboard and mouse combo called the eSports Commander Gaming Keyboard & Mouse.

You can watch the unboxing of the eSports Commander Gaming Keyboard & Mouse combo in our video below, kindly supplied by Thermaltake.

Our initial impression is that this is an excellent well built set.

The keyboard has some nice metallic look accents but being a budget version, it comes with a membrane keyboard. The keyboard lights up in a single, blue colour that can be adjusted for brightness and also has a pulse mode. As the keys are laser etched, it means the lighting surrounds the keys as opposed to lighting up through the keys. The soft touch finish to the keyboard case makes it comfortable to rest your palms on.

The mouse design is quite generic with a slight Razer Mamba look to it. The mouse has a central scroll wheel and two buttons on the left, well placed for your thumb, if you are right handed.

Interestingly, CoolerMaster has also released a budget combo. You can see the unboxing here. We will be posting a comparison of the two very soon.

For more information and to see the new eSports Commander keyboard & mouse in all its glory, watch the video below.

If you like the look of the Thermaltake eSports Commander keyboard & mouse combo, then you can buy it here:

Video of the unboxing and First Impressions:
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