Quanum Nova/CX20 Unboxing

Hey Everyone,
Just a really quick update, I have just unboxed this awesome, entry-level drone. The Quanum Nova/ Cheerson CX20 over on the Youtube channel which is embedded below so be sure to check it out!

The Quanum Nova is sold exclusively by Hobbyking but it can also be found across multiple other retailers badged as a Cheerson CX20. Both are exactly the same and actually made by the same company, Cheerson Hobby.

The Nova/CX20 is a great entry level drone that sits in the prosumer category i.e. more than 20 but not quite professional grade. This can also be referred to as a hobby grade quadcopter.

The beauty of the Nova/CX20 is that it utilises the award winning arducopter firmware found on more expensive drones. It is fully configurable from your PC and includes features such as Return to Home and GPS enabled Loiter mode that allows the Nova/CX20 to hover in one place whilst you video or photograph with an attached sports camera like the Go Pro.

The Quanum Nova comes well packaged with an abundance of boxes containing each part. There is no assembly required other than attaching a few parts like the landing skids and sports camera mount.

The Nova/CX20 can be purchased in two variants:

  • Ready to Fly (RTF) which comes with everything to get you going such as a battery and remote controller
  • Bind and Fly (BnF) that allows you to add your own remote conroller and battery.

Also, with the drone revolution going off as we speak, Buzzpods will be moving towards this emerging area of technology as we try get hold of some more gear to review for you guys so make sure you stay up-to-date by subscribing to the Buzzpods Youtube Channel here.

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