OnePlus One vs Nexus 5 – Battle of The Budget Titans

OnePlus One vs Nexus 5 – Battle of The Budget Titans

Which is best, Oneplus One vs Nexus 5? The Google Nexus 5 has been the only real competitor in it’s price bracket for some time due to it’s flagship specs, instant access to android updates and of course, the very affordable price.

However, now that the all new ‘2014 flagship killer’ OnePlus One has been launched, the Google Nexus 5 finally has some serious competition.

The main difference between these two budget titans lies in the operating systems. Whilst the Google Nexus 5 runs a vanilla build of android, the OnePlus One runs Cyanogen Mod 11s which is an open source ‘hacked’ version of android. Due to Cyanogen Mod being widely open source, updates tend to appear quite frequently which once again draws the phone closer to the Nexus 5.

The other difference is in the hardware. Obviously, the Google Nexus 5 has been around for a good few years now and an updated phone is expected with the release of Android L but because of the Nexus’ age, these phones can be found second-hand these days for half the price of a new one.

Build quality is excellent for both of these phone’s however, I personally prefer the slightly more durable design of the black OnePlus One although, that is just my opinion.

Oneplus One vs Nexus 5 differences:

> 4k video on OnePlus One
> Cyanogen Mod vs Vanilla Android
> Well known ‘reliable’ manufacturers used to produce the Nexus 5
> Design

In Conclusion, If I was looking to buy a new smartphone on a budget then any of these two choices will serve you more than adequately and I can guaranty that you will be happy with any of the two however, I would personally go for the OnePlus One because of the better camera and solidity of the build or wait for the release of the Nexus replacement.

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