Insomnia 55 – Festival Update

This weekend is the Insomnia 55 Gaming Festival and Buzzpods is there amidst all the action.

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Here are some highlights from Saturday:
Pinball for the 21st Century. Great combination of software and hardware to get it as close to a 70s pinball machine:
Insomnia 55 Pinball

Everyone’s favourite YouTubers playing a Family Fortunes style game called “What Were They Thinking”
Insomnia 55 YouTube_Game

This is where the old boxy CRT TVs go to die, the Insomnia Retro Game Zone, time warping people back to games and graphics that looked great in the 20th Century…
Insomnia 55 Retro_Zone

This was great to see. Rare (previously called Ultimate Play the Game in the 80s) has released 30 of their classic games in a pack, it even includes Lunar Jetman, Atic Atac and RC Pro-Am and Banjo Kazooie
Insomnia 55 Rare_Games

Finally, on the Game stand (now the new owners of Insomnia), they were giving away swag by throwing it into the frenzied crowd
Insomnia 55 Game_Swag

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