GTA Online Heists in 2015

Today, Rockstar announced the upcoming release of the GTA Online heist missions to be coming early 2015. We have all been waiting over a year now for this feature to be added and boy does it look fun! Along with the announcement came a trailer from which a few a clues can be taken from it. The GTA Online Heists traikler showed a selection of new vehicles including aircraft, boats and cars such as apache helicopters and new fighter jets! In addition, the GTA Online Heists trailer showed the inclusuion of Lester and a very similar planning stage to the story mode heists. Finally in my opinion one of the coolest parts of the trailer was the massive yaght that the characyers were heisting. It looks very similar to the one in GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony which i’m sure will add many more hours of fun into the already amazing game.

Let us know how excited you are and what you’re hoping to see in the GTA Online Heists add-on next year down below.

The GTA Online Heists Trailer:

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Some screenshots of the GTA Online Heists trailer:

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