Looking for a Budget Gaming Chair

Are you looking to buy a budget gaming chair ?

Lust after the premium gaming chairs but just out of reach of your budget ?

Well eBuyer have introduced a range of budget gaming chairs and we have managed to secure you one for review.

In our video review below we look at the Element Gaming Chair and explore how easy it is to assemble and how comfortable it is.

The Element Gaming Chair is a decent chair that provides adequate comfort for those gaming sessions combined with the all important sports car racing look and ‘go faster’ colours.

Putting aside, the look and quality of materials, the main difference between these budget chairs and their more expensive siblings is the adjustability of the chair. The more expensive chairs allow for more angles of adjustability as well as adjustable arms.

For the budget price we don’t think you will be disappointed but if you can afford a more premium chair like the AK Racing range, then they are definitely worth the extra pounds.

Enjoy the review:

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