Apogee XL Announced

On April 21st, Swiftech announced their all-new Flagship Apogee XL CPU Waterblock. This new revision to the multi award-winning Apogee HD packs some pretty amazing improvements as-well as a truly amazing new face lift.

According to the Swiftech website, the Apogee XL on average provides 1.0ºC better thermal performance than the previous edition as-well as 10% less flow restriction than the previous edition as-well. However, the most impressive new factor to this Waterblock for me is the all-new aesthetic design.The new edition boasts an all-new LED back-lit front logo plate available with 4 included color plates for blue (as shipped), red, green and clear lighting, AMAZING!

This Beautiful new Waterblock in my opinion is a steal for the very resonable price of $64.95 as listed on the Swiftech website.

As usual, feel free to share your thoughts on the Apogee XL down below.
What do you think of the funky new lighting?

Find out more here:
Swiftech Website

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